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Browse Users

Here you can manage your site users. You can search them by their Real Name or Email. To see all users click Go without specifying any search criteria. You can apply following actions to any user or several users at once.

  • Delete - deletes user and all his content ( such as photos, videos, blogs and etc.)
  • Suspend - deactivates user. Suspended users are moved to the list under Suspended tab and can not access your site. Content (such as photos, videos and etc.) uploaded to the site by suspended user will remain active.
  • Re-activate - activates suspended user.
  • Mark email unverified- marks user's email as verified. Users with unverified emails won't be able to log in to your site. The list of all unverified users is available under Unverified tab. Note that this options is connected to Confirm Email feature.
  • Approve - approves users. Please note that this option is connected to Global Privacy Settings . If Mandatory User Approve check box is checked in global privacy settings, then users won't be able to use the site until they are approved by admin.

Inviting New Members

Use this button to invite new users to your site. Enter up to 50 emails (one per line) and click Invite button. Make sure to set an email address from which your users will receive invitation in Admin panel> Settings > Main Settings.

Invited user will receive an email with following content:

We invite you to join our website - {$site_name}.
Please join here: {$url}

To change the content of the invitation email go to Admin panel> Settings >Language> find needed text using search box.

Recently Active

Here you can see the list of all users (20 users per page) with the latest active users being on top of the list. Use Select All check box at the bottom left corder of the table to select all users or check check boxes next to needed users to apply certain actions to several users at once. You can find description of action menu items above.


Here you can see the list of all suspended users ( 20 users per page). You can either delete or re-activate selected suspended users.


Here you can see the list of users with unverified emails ( 20 users per page). You can either delete or mark email verified selected users.

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