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Here you can manage the users and information on them.

Browse Users

The Browse users area consists of the general information on the site users.

The Search by area allows you to search for users by Real name or Email. To find a user, enter their username or email and click Go.

You can invite the new members to the site by following the instructions here

The whole users' list is divided into three tabs:

  • Recently active

This section consists of all users who visited the site recently. You can visit the user's page by clicking their username.

  • Suspended

Suspended status is set by the site administrator if the user violates the site privacy policy or terms of use. A user with suspended status can do nothing on the site (their profile will not be shown in the matches lists, search results, online, latest users). They also cannot use the site services (reply to emails, add content, etc.) until Admin unsuspends them.

You can suspend a user either on the front end by clicking the Moderation > Suspend link.

Or directly from Admin area > Users > Browser users. Check the box next to the user who should be suspended and click the Suspend button.

Each time you suspend a user, you should provide a reason for suspending them and click the Submit button.

If the suspended user loggs in to the site, this message will appear:

To unsuspend the user, click the Re-activate button in Admin area > Users > Browser users.

  • Unverified

If the Confirm email box is checked in Admin area > Settings > User settings > Email Settings, all users should verify their email after the registration on the site.

All users who didn't confirm their email are listed in the Unverified section.

If a user can't verify their email for some reasons, you can verify them manually by clicking the Mark email verified button.

  • Unapproved

If the Mandatory user approve feature is enabled, all users will have to be approved manually and will get listed in this section.

To approve a user, click their username, review the user information. Then go back to Admin area > Users > Browse users > Unapproved section, check the box next to the user and click the Approve button.


In this section you can add, remove the site moderators. They can moderate the content posted on the site and Admin area.

Follow the instructions to assign a moderator.

User Roles

User roles - is the core functionality of the software. All basic features (including user credits and paid memberships) are based on the user roles.

You can manage the user roles by following the instructions here

Profile Questions

Profile questions allow you to get more information on users to get their perfect matches. In this area you can add, edit, delete profile questions and sections.

Here is more information on managing the profile questions.

Restricted Usernames

This section allows you to add usernames that should not be used by your users. It consists of 2 areas: a Restricted Usernames List where you can view and delete usernames and the Add restricted username section where you can add usernames to the list.

To add a username, enter it to the Username box and click the Add button.

You can remove a username from the list of restricted usernames. Hover the mouse pointer over the username that should be removed and click the Delete button.

Mass Mailing

You can create and send messages to your users using the Mass Mailing section.

To send a message, choose the text or HTML1) type from the Email format menu.

Choose a user role: you can send a message to all roles or to one role only 2)

Enter the subject, body of the message.

When you create the mail template, you can use the variables available below the Email body. Variables allow you to add the personal information of each user (username, email). In other words, if you use {$user_name} variable, it will automatically be replaced with each user's username.

Click the Start mailing button to send the message.

1) choose this type if you want to use HTML code in your mail templates (the images, colors etc.
2) instructions on how to create a user role are available here
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