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In this section all site pages and menu items are listed. Here you can:

  • add/delete/rename pages
  • change the menu's position
  • enable/disable pages for users and guests
  • customize the widgets on the pages
  • etc.

Manage pages

Create a new page

To create a new page, go to Admin Area > Pages > Manage Pages.

The Manage Pages page is visually divided into three sections:

  • Main Menu 1)
  • Bottom Menu 2)
  • Hidden Pages 3)

Choose the menu where you want to add the new page/button, and click Add Item.

The Add a new item page will appear.

1. Enter the button/page name into the Menu name field
2. Choose the Page Address

There are two types of the custom pages:

Local page - choose to create a new page with your own custom content

If you choose the Local page option:
Enter your new page meta tags 4)
Enter your new page content

External URL - choose to add a button redirecting to an external site.

3. Enter your page title
4. Select the type of users who can see this page in the Visible For field
5. Click Submit.

The system will redirect you back to the Manage Pages page.

Note: The menu buttons on this page are colored. You can find the values for the colors in the Legend section.

Login to the site to view the newly added page.

Edit the menu item

To edit the menu item hover the mouse cursor over the item and click the Edit button.

Enter the new name to the Menu Name field, change the permissions for guests, users and click the Save button.

Delete the page?

To delete the page hover the mouse cursor over the item and click the Edit button.

The click the Delete button at the bottom of the page.

Move the items?

The page where user lands after logging in can be set in Admin area > Pages > Manage Pages section.

The menu item located first within the list is the one where people will be redirected after logging in. By default the Dashboard page is the first page.

So if users should land on the Search page, simply drag and drop the Search menu item to the first place.

If the Join page should open first instead of the Index page, move the Join item to the first position.

If you want to hide a page without deleting it, move the item to the Hidden pages area.

Special pages

In this section you can enable/disable the Splash screen and Maintenance Page.

User Profile

Profile page is a component panel. It's general layout comes from whatever you place in Admin area > Pages > User Profile.

In addition to widgets available for placement there, page consists of hard coded components such as avatar image, gallery, toolbar and etc. Look and feel of each component can be changed in various places.

To add the widget to the User Profile page, drag and drop it to the Top, Bottom or Middle content.

Click the Edit (wheel) icon against the widget’s title to manage the widget's settings.

You can make the widget visible to a certain user role only:

1. Click the Edit (wheel) icon against the widget’s title;

2. Check the Restrict view box;

3. Uncheck the boxes for Free;

4. Check the box for VIP role;

5. Click the Save button.

This way the widget will be visible only to users with VIP user role.

To delete the widget, click the Delete (cross) icon against the widget’s title.

User Dashboard

In this area you can customize the Dashboard page by adding the widgets.

If the Allow users to customize this page box is checked, your changes in Admin area won't apply to user pages.

Note: Widgets will show up on the page only if they consist of some content. For instance, if a user has no gifts, the Gifts widget won't be visible on the User Profile page.
1) section for top menu buttons
2) section for bottom menu buttons
3) section for invisible buttons
4) meta tags allow search engines to grab the information about your site
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