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How to add a Welcome/Disclaimer page?

To add a Welcome page with important information (welcome text, warning message, etc) that pops up to visitors the first time they open your site URL, you can use the Splash Screen page.

To activate the Splash Screen page you should go to Admin Area > Pages > Special pages > Splash Screen:

1. Check the Enable box.

2. Enter your text to the Text/HTML area.

Note: You can use either plain text or HTML wrapped text.

3. Edit the Enter button label.

4. Add your own 'Leave' URL 1)

5. Click Save.

Note: The Splash Screen shows up when a users opens you site for the first time. The Splash Screen log is saved in the browser cookies, thus preventing it from showing up repeatedly for a particular visitor. But if the user logs out and closes the browser - the cookie logs are removed. Thus, when they open your site after that, they will see the Splash Screen again.
1) if a visitor does not accept your disclaimer, the Leave button will redirect them to the URL indicated by you in this field
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