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Contribute Oxwall Documentation

Contributing documentation to the Oxwall project is one form of contribution that you may want to consider, if you have what it takes and wish to help the community out. Oxwall permanently needs more and better documentation than there is at the moment, so any help here is always appreciated.

How to do it

Create an account

You will need your own account here at to post your own articles and/or submit corrections for the existing ones from Oxwall Foundation and other users. This account is different from your ID.

Explore guidelines

Let's make it with our common standard for all documentation. Read here.

Submit your contribution

Your new articles or corrections will await for approval by the team before appearing online.

If your material doesn't show up within a week and you don't get any feedback on it, it might be a good idea to ping Den, so he will look at it for you.

What you need to know

Writing articles

So you have that idea how you can improve Oxwall users' life here? Whether you want to write a programming tutorial/crash course, how to troubleshoot hosting problems, or anything else?

With large works it's always a good idea to contact us first at Just to make sure nobody's writing the same document already, or to get more information from us on what problems you should pay special attention to. That way you will make sure you are using our data and some valuable input.

Approved large articles will have your authorship and will be linked to your profile.

Submitting corrections

There's always a nice chance that some part of the documentation is out of date, typo-ridden, confusing, or simply incorrect. Since documentation is only as alive as it's supported, it's really important to do what you can do when you come across a chance.

Hit that “Edit” button with no fear. Your correction will be sent to us, and once approved it will go live. You are doing public service by caring about little details like that.

Communication, discussions, decisions

We are always looking for help and ideas regarding documentation, so if you have anything to offer, do let us know at We may discuss missing articles, docs structure, writing style, and anything. You can also help us make decisions and bring them to life.

Also, if you are a professional technical writer, we really want to hear from you.

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