How to assign an additional site administrator/moderator?

1. Go to Admin Area > Users > Moderators

2. Scroll down to the Add New Moderator section.

3. Enter the Username of the user you want to make the site administrator.

4. Click Make Moderator.

The Moderators section contains a table with a list of active plugins and permissions for the site administrators/moderators.

You can enable/disable permissions for a moderator.

For example, to assign a moderator for managing users' profiles1), follow the steps below:

1. Make the user a site moderator via Add New Moderator section.

2. Uncheck all permissions for this moderator, except Admin.

3. Click Save.

Note: To assign a site administrator with all privileges, check the Admin box for this moderator.
Note: The checkboxes for the site creator (super administrator) are always checked, and there is no possibility to disable them. Thus, the website creator will always have full site access.

If the site moderator is allowed to moderate the photos, they will be able to edit, delete, mark a photo as featured.

If the site moderator can moderate the users, they will have the Moderation link on the Profile view and will be able to give credits, change role, mark as featured, suspend, delete a user.

The Moderator will have the Edit profile details link on the profile view. If they click the link, they will be able to edit the user's details or delete the user.

How can I remove the site administrator?

1. You should go to Admin Area > Users > Moderators

2. Uncheck the Admin checkbox for the moderator you want to remove.

3. Click Save.

4. Click the cross icon in the column of the moderator you want to remove.

1) suspend, remove, mark as featured, etc.
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