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Item Review Policy

Review approval

Any review will be rejected in case:

  • The Review contains irrelevant information
  • The Review is not objective and accurate
  • The Review contains obscenities and insults
  • The Review contains reports or irrelevant questions
  • The Review contains spam
  • The Review contains new features suggestions

Any review that does not breach our submission rules will be published within 24 hours.

Information for developers:

It is vitally important to understand that reviews are an opportunity to improve your product.

Even though you don’t have direct power to remove or change reviews, you can make your plugin more stable, eliminate bugs, work to decrease user confusion as much as possible, and genuinely care to solve user's problem. This will harvest better user ratings and limit the number of negative reviews.

To mitigate bad reviews you should:

  • take note of a bad review and improve your software accordingly;
  • encourage users to send you feedback by adding contact information or any other ways to communicate with you;
  • contact users to eliminate the reasons for the negative feedback;
  • provide the best customer support service possible, as well as timely bug fixes;
  • thank users for taking their valuable time to write reviews.

Do everything in your power to ensure unhappy users can reach you and express their concerns directly, while satisfied users can easily leave a review of the plugin

Oxwall Foundation does not guarantee removal of any reviews and participation in investigating the reasons for negative reviews.

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