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Oxwall Store Item Policy

Submission Requirements

Before submitting your item to Oxwall Store, make sure it meets Oxwall Store Terms of Use and corresponds to these options:

Store Item Format

  • Use short and clean title. Don't use keyword “Oxwall” and any version numbers inside.
  • Write an extended description containing only basic explanation of the plugin's function, with the rest of the information provided on the plugin's forum, Terms of Use, and Read Me files.
  • Paid items which perform integration with third-party software/services must be clearly marked as such in the description.
  • Put enough relevant screenshots for your item to give a clear idea about the item, its purpose and specifics.
  • All items submitted to The Store must be accompanied by completed Terms of Use и Read Me files (in addition to any other useful information)

Plugin functionality

  • Use native installation process. Don't ask users to perform additional actions like uploading or modifying additional files to install plugin smoothly. At the same time, note that themes should be uploaded via FTP.
  • Items with errors and “blank screens” will be rejected.
  • Items considered as “beta”, “demo”, “trial”, or “test“ versions will be rejected.
  • All items must be tested on a clean installation of the software without any code modifications. If your item requires other plugins and/or special settings, it should explicitly state that in the admin area, and anticipate the possible absence of these conditions.
  • Item should use native CSS structure as often as possible in order to have the same look'n'feel of basic interface elements (buttons, links, lists, context actions, etc.), and to be supported by different themes.
  • Items which perform integration with third party software/services should support SSO.
  • Keep your plugin description in XML no longer than 150 characters to have short and neat description in Admin Panel plugin list.
  • Leave Oxwall original attribution links in case items include their own interfaces (theme, mobile version and etc).
  • Items that duplicate the functionality of other items already in the Oxwall Store may be rejected, particularly if there are many of them.

Theme design

  • Must be an independent and original design concept created from scratch. Copying existing themes and changing some of the elements is not acceptable.
  • An original PSD file must be present and available at request for the Moderation Team during the approval process.
  • Any theme promoted as ‘responsive’ must conform to the regulations outlined in Responsive design.

Approval Process

During review process our team may provide you with some recommendations according to user experience and usability issues. We appreciate your effort in creating plugins and would like your items to be as popular as possible.

Please note that these are the recommendations that we would like you to implement in your plugin. It is up to you to decide whether you want to follow them or prefer to leave your plugin as it is. If you find them unreasonable, please let us know that you've skipped them in your reply email.

If you are submitting integration of a paid service, please provide reviewers with a test account to that service.

Review process may take up to seven business days. After this time your plugin or theme will be either approved or you will receive instructions on what should be fixed, and recommendations on what should be modified for your plugin to be approved.

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