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How to change site's meta tags?

Meta tags can be configured in Admin area > Settings > Language. All meta tags are located under the Navigation section. To see all language keys in this section select Navigation from drop down > Do not enter any keywords > Click Go:

Tag: Title

Go to Admin area > Settings > Language > Search by Find Dates Here keywords.

Text key to edit: {text key='nav+page_default_title'} .

Default value: {$site_name} - Find dates here! Where {$site_name} is the your site name set in Admin area > Settings > General > Site Name.

Meta tag: Description

Go to Admin area > Settings > Language > Select Navigation from the drop down menu > Search by Community keyword:

Scroll down to the Navigation section.

Text key to edit: {text key='nav+page_default_description'}

Default value: {$site_name} community. Where {$site_name} is the your site name set in Admin area > Settings > General > Site Name:

Meta description for custom pages

You can add meta description to custom static pages when adding/editing pages in Admin area > Pages > Manage Pages.

Enter meta description in following format:

<meta name=“description” content=“description goes here”>

Additional meta tags

You can add additional meta tags such as meta keywords in Admin area > Settings > Page Settings > Custom head code section. Anything entered into this section will be displayed before the closing </head> tag.

For example, to add meta keywords, enter the following meta information into this section: <meta name=“keywords” content=“keyword1, keyword2, keywordN”>

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