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Troubleshooting "Parse Error"

Parse errors happen when the code doesn't conform to the syntax or language rules for the language in which you're script is working. In Oxwall, parse error is known to be caused by third party plugins and custom code added to Custom HTML widgets.


This documentation uses Firebug as a debug tool. Alternatively you can use native debugger that comes with Google Chrome. Parse error discussed in this documentation appears when user signs in.

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Open the page where parse error happens in Firefox. In this case sign in.
  • Enable Firebug.Choose Console >All in Firebug's panel:

  • Reproduce parse error message. In this case sign in as any user.
  • Once parse error is reproduced, find parse error entry in Firebug's error log. Parse error is always preceded by certain action that caused it. In this case this action is POST…/base/ajax-sign-in

  • Open details of this POST using + sign next to it. Navigate to Response section. Here you will see response script received from your server. It will contain the error message that caused parse error.If you are not sure what errors mean, contact Oxwall support team for assistance. In this case “Groups” plugin caused the parse error since GROUPS_BOL_SERVICE - is the method that belongs to this plugin.

Note:Firebug might not show the actual error message within the Response section if error_reporting is disabled on your server.

Other tools

  • Enable DEBUG mode in config.php
  • Check your server's error logs
  • Deactivate all of your plugins one by one. Try to reproduce parse error after each deactivation.
  • Remove all Custom HTML widgets ( especially if they contain JavaScript code)one by one as well.Try to reproduce parse error after removing each widget.
  • Remove any custom script ( especially JavaScript) added to Oxwall's .html and .php files
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