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-[[dev:store:​item-policy|Oxwall Store Item Policy]]+[[store:​item-policy|Oxwall Store Item Policy]]
-[[dev:store:beta-testers|Beta Testers]]+[[store:item-review-policy|Oxwall Store Item Review Policy]]
 +[[dev:​store:​beta-testers|Beta Testers]] ​
 +  ​
 ===== FAQ ===== ===== FAQ =====
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 [[faq:​what-if-my-plugin-received-a-negative-review|What if my plugin received a negative review]] [[faq:​what-if-my-plugin-received-a-negative-review|What if my plugin received a negative review]]
 +[[faq:​how-to-add-changelog-to-updated-plugin|How to add changelog to updated plugin?]]
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