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Use Memberships to sell User Roles to your site users. Membership grants a User Role, which defines permissions available to user who purchased the membership. You can set several plans active for different periods of time within one membership which makes your pricing flexible and user-friendly.


Use this page to manage current memberships and to create news ones.

Add Membership

Specify following settings to create a new membership.

  • User Role: set of permissions available to users once they purchase the membership. You can select one of the existing User Roles.
  • Plan: each membership has to have at least one plan outlining:
    • Period: number of days membership will be active once it is purchased.
    • Price: plan's cost.
    • Recurring: check this option if you would like users to pay for the membership on a recurring basis. Each time the plan's period expires, system will automatically bill a user for the amount set in Price and activate the plan for the number of days set in Period.
Note: You can add several plans to one membership on Edit Membership page

Membership List

This section lists all active memberships and their plans. To edit membership hover the mouse over the membership's name and click edit button.

Edit Membership

You can edit membership's settings (change the User Role, create/delete/edit plans) on this page:

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