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-====== Facebook connect ​======+====How to manage the Facebook connect ​plugin?====
-If you want to enable your visitors to sign in to your site using their Facebook ​accounts this plugin ​is for you.+First you should install **Facebook ​connect** ​plugin ​by following the instructions [[install-plugin|here]]
-===== On Facebook ​side =====+1. Find the **Facebook ​Connect** plugin - move mouse cursor over it, and click the **Settings** button.
-Go to [[http://​​setup/​]] and create an application:​+2You will be directed to the **Facebook connect management** page.
 +3. Follow the steps described on this page:
-Within ​the opened pop-up select "​Website":​+  * Click **Apps** > **Add a New App** in the top menu.
 +  * Choose the **Website** option.
-Click "Skip and Create App ID" in top right corner:+{{:plugin-tuts:​facebook_connect_plugin2.png|}}
-{{:​plugin-tuts:​create-app-3.png?300|}}+  * Click the **Skip and create ​App ID** at the top right corner.
-Give a name to your App:+Enter your application **Display Name** and **Contact Email**.
-{{:​plugin-tuts:​create-app-4.png?300|}}+  * Select a category and click Create **App ID**.
-Click "Add Platform":​+You will be directed to the application **Dashboard** page.
-{{:​plugin-tuts:​create-app-5.png?300|}}+  * Click **Settings** tab in the Sidebar menu.
 +  * Enter your site domain name (e.g.:​ and Namespace.
-Within opened pop up select "​Website":​+  * Click **Save changes**.
 +  * Click **Add Platform** » Select **Website**
-Enter your Site URL and save changes( if you are not sure what your site URL is open ow_includes/​config.php and copy the URL for "​OW_URL_HOME"​):+{{:plugin-tuts:​facebook_connect_plugin_7.png|}}
-{{:plugin-tuts:create-app-7.png?300|}}+  * Enter Site URLhttp://​​ and click the **Save Changes** button.
-Once changes are saved add your domain name into "App Domain"​ field: ​+  * To publish ​your app click **App Review** tab in the Sidebar menu.
-{{:​plugin-tuts:​create-app-8.png?300|}}+  * Set Make **mypageappid public?** from **No** to **Yes**
-==== Status & Review====+{{:​plugin-tuts:​facebook_connect_plugin_9.png|}}
-Once changes are saved, navigate to "​Status&​Review"​ section from left sidebar. +Click **Confirm** in the **Make app public?** window.
-Set "Do you want to make this app and all its live features available to the general ​public?" from "​No"​ to "​Yes": ​+
 +  * To upload your site logo and add additional information about your website, click **Settings** in the Sidebar menu.
-====App Details ====+{{:​plugin-tuts:​facebook_connect_plugin_6_1_.png|}}
-To upload your own logo add add additional information about your App navigate ​to** App Details**  from left sidebar:+4.Go to **Settings** tab, copy the **Application ID** and **App secret**
-Once all changes are saved go back to "​Settings"​ and copy **'App ID'** and **'App Secret'​**:​+Add them into Admin Area > Plugins > Installed plugins > Facebook Connect plugin.
-===== On your site ===== +5Click the **Save** button.
- +
-Go to your Facebook connect settings areaEnter the API key and Secret in "​Settings"​ tab. Review synchronization options in "​Profile Questions Synchronization"​ tab. Your plugin is ready for use. +
- +
-{{:​plugin-tuts:​fbconnet_5.png?​300|}} +
- +
-===== Notes ===== +
- +
-As per the Facebook requirement,​ the users who try to register using FBconnect should have only latin character sets in their name.+
 +|**Note:** If the Facebook connect plugin is active and configured on your site, you have to follow [[https://​​docs/​manuals/​android_customization#​facebook-connect-configuration|these steps]] to configure it for your Android app.|
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