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Configure Oxwall to work with Amazon S3

Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service (S3) is the service allowing you to store files on the Amazon company's servers, and to just forget about traffic load issues. The data storage volumes are unlimited, which means that you won't be asked to leave the service even if you store thousands of terrabytes of data.

What does it take for Oxwall to start working with Amazon S3?

  1. Create an account on The following video explains that in details:
  2. Create a bucket and set the reading permissions for all users
  3. 1) Copy the ow_userfiles folder to the bucket you've created ( bucket_name/ow_userfiles ) and set the reading permissions for all users
  4. Now open the ow_includes/config.php file and insert the following code at the end:

define('OW_USE_AMAZON_S3_CLOUDFILES', true);            // whether or not to use AMAZON S3
define('OW_AMAZON_S3_ACCESS_KEY', '{your_access_key}'); // access key
define('OW_AMAZON_S3_SECRET_KEY', '{your_secret_key}'); // secret key
define('OW_AMAZON_S3_BUCKET_NAME', '{bucket_name}');    // the name of the bucket for recording data
define('OW_AMAZON_S3_BUCKET_URL', '{bucket_url}');      // url of the bucket for recording data (for example,
Congrats! Now your site works on clouds!

1) Copying is required only if there is content on your website
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