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CloudFlare is a service that allows you to improve website performance and speed by 20%-30% with no cost. Service can be used both with shared and dedicated/VPS servers.

  1. Create account on CloudFlare
  2. Change nameservers in your registrar account.

Creating account on CloudFlare

Go to > click Sign up:

Fill in the form and click Create account now:

The Home page will open. Enter your site URL and click Add website:

The page opens. The system needs some time to make all required configurations. You can watch the video on this service. As soon as you see Scan complete message, click Continue:

CloudFLare settings

Once you click Continue DNS configuration page will open. Scroll down, click I've added all missing records, continue:

Choose a plan Free (or paid if you need extra settings). Select the following values and click Continue:

  • Performance: CDN + basic optimizations (faster)
  • Security: Low

Login to your registrar account and change the name servers to the ones given by CloudFlare.

For example,,

As soon as you changed DNS, click I've updated my nameservers, continue:

After that the system will direct you to the page with new domain. If the name servers were not set yet, you should wait and click the Re-test button.

As soon as name servers were set, click the wheel icon against your domain and click CloudFlare Settings. Do not make any settings in the Site Overview section. Go to Security settings section > select following value:

  • Security profile: Low

Leave other settings as default.

Go to Performance settings section > select the Auto Minify (Web optimization) value.

Enable all options:JS CSS HTML

All settings are saved automatically.

Note: If you chose pro plan, a couple of settings are available.

We recommend to change them:

  • Website preloader: on
  • Mirage: off
  • If you need SSL on the site, set: Full SSL
  • Polish: image optimization Basic

Go to your Oxwall Admin panel> Plugins >Installed Plugins >Cloud Flare >Settings> Check the Enable CloudFlare box >Click Save.


For cPannel/FTP access use a cache-bypassed host name, like instead of cPannel/FTP hostname provided by your hosting company.

If you make some changes related to the CSS HTML programming languages or PHP/JS code, you should clear cache in the CloudFlare:

  • Login to your CloudFlare account.
  • Click the wheel icon against your domain.
  • Select the icon and click CloudFlare Settings.
  • Click the Purge Cache button in the Site Overview section.


Oxwall is not affiliated with or endorsed by CloudFlare.

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