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About Oxwall

Oxwall is a free, open source MVC software platform written in PHP/MySQL. It is created to power online social networks and community-enabled websites for various purposes. Oxwall project is developed and curated by Oxwall Foundation.

Oxwall enjoys the participation of evergrowing community of developers, users, and designers, who constantly extend the product and adapt it for new purposes.


Oxwall can be:

Source code is freely available at the main download page in the main download package. Source code is neither encrypted, nor obfuscated.

Target audience

Oxwall is best used for niche social networks and general purpose websites that need advanced social community capabilities. People use our software for niche communities, music band fanclubs, crafts exchanges, special private groups, education projects, online classes, etc.

If you plan to launch a website of any type that needs to have strong community capabilities, Oxwall is one of the strongest, instantly available solutions.


Oxwall is free as in both “free beer” and “free speech”. There are no hidden costs. Download the main package and extend it with 3rd party free and paid items from the Oxwall Store.

Release schedule

Oxwall version numbers are in the form of A.B.C (eg, 1.4.6). Here's the breakdown of what these numbers mean and the schedule of releases.

  • C - builds. These are train releases made every 5-6 weeks. They contain bugfixes, optimizations, minor new features, security patches. Read more in our blog post. In case of a material security threat, we will go out of our way and release an out-of-schedule build to provide this security patch.
  • B - minor releases. They may contain what builds include + major features. Those major features may contain big chunks of changed or added functionality, so may create minor incompatibilities with previous versions and will require special attention from 3rd party developers and designers to care about the compatibility of their works. Because of the nature of updates, minor releases may go out of builds schedule (every 5-6 weeks) and may be released on availability basis.
  • A - major releases. They may contain what minor releases include + major incompatibilities with previous versions. At the time of this writing (version 1.4.1), there were no major release to date and are not planned yet. Major releases will require considerable attention from 3rd party developers and designers to care about the compatibility of their works. Major releases will go out of builds schedule (every 5-6 weeks) and will be released on availability basis with a lot of beta pre-releases.

Oxwall License

Oxwall is distributed under CPAL 1.0 license. This is an OSI-approved license which means that Oxwall is really free and really open source.

Removing the Oxwall attribution link violates license conditions. Please read our official position.

Oxwall Features and Extensibility

Oxwall has a modular structure so that it can be easily extended and supported by third parties. Oxwall Foundation sets the goal of building and maintaining the minimum viable product for a community enabled-website by working on the platform and a set of “native” plugins.

Developers worldwide create their own plugins that extend the functionality and scope for Oxwall-powered websites. Oxwall Foundation develops documentation and all kinds of convention guides to help developers build world-class features that look and function like they've been developed as one product.

Both native and third party plugins can be found at the Oxwall Store.

Oxwall Themes

Oxwall Foundation provides a set of generic use design templates for Oxwall and encourages anyone with a creative side to try their hand at creating their own free and paid ones.

Third party designers from all over the world create versatile Oxwall themes of any style and for any purpose. Oxwall Foundation works to create excessive design style guides to help designers create the best websites in the world, powered by Oxwall.

Both native and third party themes can be found at the Oxwall Store.


Oxwall community is growing. The numbers of downloads, Store items, and real active websites are increasing constantly, so at the time you are reading this they are really different from the minute these words are written.

Browse our forums, Oxwall Store, Oxwall Market and feel free to participate. Our community is vibrant and diverse. Our users speak different languages and set up all kinds of community-enabled websites. Whatever your background and targets, you will most likely find company there.

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