Configure Oxwall to work with RackSpace Cloud Files

What is Cloud Files? Cloud Files is a cost-effective, internet-based, redundant, object-based storage offering from Rackspace. Cloud Files allows users to store/retrieve files via a simple Web Service (REST: Representational State Transfer) API, The Rackspace Cloud Control Panel or the MyRackspace® customer portal. Files can range in size from a few bytes up to extremely large and your storage grows or shrinks based on your usage. Add as much or as little as you want without worrying about over-buying/under-utilizing or running out of space. With Cloud Files, you pay for what you use and how much you use is up to you.

  1. Create a container and make it public. The following video explains that in details:
  2. 1) Copy the ow_userfiles folder to the container you've created
  3. Now open the ow_includes/config.php file and insert the following code at the end:

define('OW_USE_CLOUDFILES', true);                     // whether or not to use Rackspace cloud files 
define('OW_CLOUDFILES_USER', '{username}');            // username
define('OW_CLOUDFILES_API_KEY', '{api-key}');          // api-key
define('OW_CLOUDFILES_CONTAINER', '{container_name}'); // the name of the container you created on step 1)

Congrats! Now your site works on clouds!

1) Copying is required only if there is content on your website
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