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How to manage the languages on the site?

You can edit the existing language values in the Edit Language area.

How to edit the text on the site?

All text you see on the site is located in the Languages section. The Language functionality is based on the keys system. Every key has a value and is located in a certain category. For example, if you want to edit the values related to the Photo plugin, choose Photo from the Show: list.

To edit the mail templates, enter the “Dear” word to the OR field and click Go.

The list of all mail templates will show up. Edit the text and click the Save this page button.

How to add or delete the language keys?

If you want to add your custom text to the site, follow the link: http://[your_site_URL]/admin/dev-tools/languages1)

This URL will open the page with Add New Text button, click on it.

Choose a section, enter the key name and value and click the Add button.

To delete a key, follow the link: http://[your_site_URL]/admin/dev-tools/languages2)

Hover the mouse pointer over the key that should be deleted and click the Delete button.

Note: Be careful with deleting the language keys: if you remove some default key, it may cause the issues on the site.

To find the particular language key, follow the link: http://[your_site_URL]/admin/dev-tools/languages3)

Enter the key name to the Or field, check the in keys box and click Go

You can import, export edit the existing languages values in the Available Languages area.

How to upload a language pack?

To upload a language pack, you should do he following:

1. Download the language from your Oxwall Public Forum.

2. Go to Admin area > Settings > Language > Available Languages > Add New Language (Language Pack) > Language File: section.

3. Click the Browse button.

4. Upload the language file from your device.

5. Click the Add button.

The list of all plugins' translation will appear.

6. Check the Check all languages for all plugins box.

7. Click the Import selected button.

The language will appear in the Inactive Languages section.

8. Click the Activate button to set the language as active.

To set the language as default, hover the mouse pointer to the language, drag it and drop to the first position.

To enable the right-to-left direction, hover the mouse pointer over the language.

Check the RTL box and click the Edit button.

How to translate my site to another language?

You can easily translate your site to any language you want. You should go to Admin Area > Settings > Language > Available Languages tab. At first you should clone the existing language. You will see the Clone by moving the mouse cursor over the language.

Then export it.

Click the Export button, select all sections and click the Export selected button.

This way you will get the .xml file. You should change it and then add it using the Add New Language (Language Pack) section.

Or you can simply clone the default English language, and edit it directly from your Admin Area.

To make your custom language default - drag it and drop to the first position.

How to backup the language?

You can easily back up the existing language in the Admin area > Settings > Language > Available Languages > Export languages section.

Click the Export button.

If you want to export the language for some plugins only, check the boxes next to the required plugins.

To export all language items, check the box above the language name.

Click the Export selected button.

How to delete/deactivate the language?

To disable the existing language, hover the mouse pointer to the language click the Deactivate button 4).

The language will move to the Inactive Languages section.

To delete a language, hover the mouse pointer to the language click the Delete button.

1) , 2) , 3) replace [your_site_URL] with your site name
4) If you deactivate a language it won't be deleted but will not unavailable on the site
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