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How to add external custom pages to Oxwall.

You can add custom pages via Pages&Menus within the administration panel. Added pages are displayed within your site's general design/layout ( footer, header, sidebard and etc.)

In case you would like to have fully customized page with 100% own custom content ( your own footer, header, sidebar, background and etc.), you can use external custom pages.

Requirements: text editor, FTP client or access to control panel.

  1. Create .html document with the content of your choice. For example, I have created .html document called “custom_page.html”.
  2. Upload the document to the directory where Oxwall is installed via FTP or control panel.
  3. Go to Oxwall's Admin Panel> Pages&Menus> Pages&Menus. Add a new page linking to External URL. Since my custom page is called “custom_page.html”, my URL will be“. Once the page is added new menu item will appear on the front end of your site.
  4. Open .htaccess file located in the folder/directory where your Oxwall is installed. Use FTP client or control panel to access this place.
  5. Add following rewrite condition right before RewriteRule (.*) index.php line.

  RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !/custom_page\.html 

Make sure to replace custom_page with the name of your own custom page. This rewrite condition tells the system not to block your new page. If you don't add this condition, you will get “Page Not Found” error if you try to access it.

Save the changes done in .htaccess file. Go to your homepage and try opening your new page.

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