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Q: Data Import troubleshooting

A: First of all make sure you are importing your data to the latest version of Oxwall. Below is a list of issues you might face during the Data Import process:

1. File Upload issue

If import file upload failed, make sure that upload_max_filesize and post_maxsize directives on your server are greater than the size of your data file.

NOTE! You might want to contact your hosting provider and ask them to do that for you if you are not familiar with php.ini file structure.

2. Import Failed

Status "Wait Import"

Plugins status is set to ‘Wait Import’ after Import process has started.

Make sure your Cron command looks like the following:

/usr/local/bin/php -f /your full path to cron folder/run.php
Cron installation

You will not be able to import your data properly if you have your Cron command set up like the following:


Status "Process"

Plugins status is set to ‘Process’ but taking too long to change to ‘Import Success’.

Increase memory_limit, mysql.connect_timeout and max_execution_time directives for your PHP in php.ini file.

NOTE! That should be also done by your hosting company if you don’t have server configuration experience.

Go to Settings tab and check for errors. If no errors were found, go to ow_include/config.php and enable DEBUG_MODE. After that login to your server via SSH and run the import file using this command: php /path/to/your_oxwall_folder/ow_plugins/data_importer/import.php

With the outcome details perform search on Forum and then submit a topic if no answers were found.

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