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User purchases paid membership/credit package » makes the payment » site admin receives the payment but membership/credit package is not added to user's account automatically. What to do?

Open Admin Panel » Dashboard » Finance page. Direct URL:

Presense of payment information on this page indicates that your site and your payment gateway are able to send/receive trasnaction data succesfully.

Absense of payment information, in turn, means that communication between your website and your gateway is either broken or has not been established at all. As a result user doesn't get purchased service automaitcally.

Checking your configurations

Make sure that you have configured your gateway account in accordance with our user guides:

Important!:IPN must be set within your PayPal account. Click the link from above for more information about IPN.
Important!:merchant email (not ID) should be used in Admin Panel » Installed Plugins »PayPal Billing » Settings.

Using correct Site URL

Within both CCBill and PayPal Billing plugin configuration guides you are asked to use your site URL.

PayPal example: The IPN URL should be:

CCBill example: Click the Advanced link in the menu on the left and enter your website URL. For example:

Using correct site URL is very important. Your site URL might or might not contain “www” part. If you are not sure what your site URL is make sure to check this within the source code:

This is your site URL. When configuring your payment gateway account make sure to use the exact same URL as you see in your config.php.

Checking Database

SkaDateX stores available payment related data in ow_base_log database table. This includes both successfull transactions and ones that failed due incorrect configruations of plugin/gateway account.

  • Open ow_base_log table
  • Find the entry related to the payment you are interested in.
  • Check what you have under “message” column for found entry.

If payment is processed successfully you will see payment data there:

In all other cases you will see the error message. Most of the times messages are self explanatory:

If you are nore sure what particular message means, you can always get assistance from SkaDate support team.

Reporting payment related issues to SkaDate Support

Don't hesitate to contact SkaDate Support team by creating support ticket from your client Area ( if support service is active) or by submitting your problem to our public forum if you face any issues while reading this manual or will stuble upong the error message you can't understand.

Keep in mind that the more informaiton you provide to us the faster your issue will be resolved. Here is a quick check list you can send to support operator:

  • I have checked “Finance” area in my Admin Panel and I can't see my payment there.
  • I have checked settings of my gateway plugin and can confirm that information entered there is correct.
  • I did check ow_base_log database table and found my payment there, but I don't understand what this particular error message means.

If you are using PayPal Billing Plugin:

  • I am using “PayPal Billing” plugin and I have made sure that I used my merchant email ( not ID) within plugin's settings.
  • I did set IPN within my PayPal account. IPN URL I used is: __
  • I am attaching screen shot of the page were you can see that IPN has been added.

If you are using CCBill Billing Plugin you might be asked to send screen shots of your gateway account.

Important!:If you are submitting your issue in private ticket make sure to provide your admin panel and Control Panel access details
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