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 Go to [[http://​​setup/​]] and create an application Go to [[http://​​setup/​]] and create an application
- Fill in basic info page: +Navigate ​to "​Settings"​ section within ​the left sidebar and click on "Add Platform"​ button:
-  * App Domains- enter your domain name **without** http and www +
-  * Sandbox- disable sandbox mode. +
-  * Website with Facebook login - enter the URL to the place where Oxwall is installed. Example: http://​,​ http://​​oxwallfolder,​ http://​ ​+
 +Select "App on Facebook"​ platform in opened pop up window. 
 +Fill in added "App on Facebook"​ form with:  
 +  * Canvas URL: http://​​ 
 +  * Secure Canvas URL: https://​​ 
 +Scroll up and fill in:  
 +App Domains: 
 +Contact Emails: enter your email address 
 ====App Details ==== ====App Details ====
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