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 ===== On Facebook side ===== ===== On Facebook side =====
 Go to [[http://​​setup/​]] and create an application Go to [[http://​​setup/​]] and create an application
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 {{:​plugin-tuts:​fbconnect_1.png?​300|}} {{:​plugin-tuts:​fbconnect_1.png?​300|}}
-  * Fill in basic info page: + Fill in basic info page: 
-  * App Domains- enter your domain name without http:// and www+  * App Domains- enter your domain name **without** http and www
   * Sandbox- disable sandbox mode.   * Sandbox- disable sandbox mode.
- +  * Website with Facebook login - enter the URL to the place where Oxwall is installed. Example: http://​,​ http://​​oxwallfolder,​ http://​ ​
-Website with Facebook login - enter the URL of your site where Oxwall is installed. ​ +
-Example: http://​,​ http://​​oxwallfolder,​ http://​ ​+
 {{:​plugin-tuts:​fbconnect_2.png?​300|}} {{:​plugin-tuts:​fbconnect_2.png?​300|}}
 +====App Details ==== 
 +To upload your own logo add add additional information about your App navigate to** App Details** page ( left sidebar bellow "​Settings"​):​ 
 +Once all changes are saved go back to Settings>​Basic page and copy **'App ID'** and **'App Secret'​**:​ 
 +===== On your site ===== 
 +Go to your Facebook connect settings area. Enter the API key and Secret in "​Settings"​ tab. Review synchronization options in "​Profile Questions Synchronization"​ tab. Your plugin is ready for use. 
 +===== Notes ===== 
 +As per the Facebook requirement,​ the users who try to register using FBconnect should have only latin character sets in their name. 
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