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How to configure Contact Importer plugin


1. Go to and create an application

2. Click My Apps > Add a New App in the top menu.

3. Create App ID:

4.Select “Communication” App Categpory from next pop up:

5. Click “Skip Quick Start” from upper right corner. You will be navigated to App Dashboard page.

6. Click “Settings” from the left sidebar:

7. Click “Add Platform” > select “Website” from opened pop up > Enter your site URL > Save changes:

8. Enter your domain name into “App Domains” field and your contact email into “Contact Email” field > Save changes one more time.

10. Click “Status&Review” section from left sidebar. Set “Do you want to make this app and all its live features available to the general public?” from “No” to “Yes”:

App Details

To upload your own logo add add additional information about your App navigate to App Details from left sidebar:

Once all changes are saved go back to “Settings” and copy 'App ID' and 'App Secret':

Go to Admin Panel > Plugins > Installed Plugins > Contact Importer > Settings section. Fill 'APP ID' and 'APP SECRET' with values from step 2.

Installation completed.


To allow site users import contacts from Google, follow these steps:

1. Click on “API Project” at

2.Navigate to APIS&AUTH > Credentials > Create New Client ID from the left menu.

Fill in the form by:

  • Application type - Web application
  • Authorized Java Script Origins- URL of your site.
  • Redirect URI- URL to the place where Oxwall is installed with /google/oauth string. Example:

3. Once Client ID is created copy the Client ID and Client secret and paste it into your Admin Area > Plugins > Installed Plugins > Contact Importer plugin > Google App Settings section.

Installation completed.

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