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 +====== Oxwall software update ======
 +===== Core Update =====
 +|**Note**: Before performing update, please back up your files and database first. |
 +==== Auto-update ====
 +Auto-update is all about clicking a button in admin area and entering your FTP details. We hope to make this feature run smooth on all possible server setups.
 +==== Manual update ====
 +If autoupdate can't be applied you can try manual core update.
 +  - Download Oxwall Update Pack at [[http://​​download|​download]];​
 +  - Unpack it to the root folder of your software install;
 +  - Finalize update by calling //​​ow_updates%%//​
 +|**Note**: All custom code modifications made before the update will be lost. We highly recommend changing the code by creating new plugins. If, indeed, you have changed the code, copy all changes before the update and apply them again once the script is updated. |
 +===== Plugin update =====
 +Plugin update works pretty much as core update with possible auto- and manual updates. You should try auto-updates unless manual update recommended. Always read release notes from developers for special instructions before trying to update plugins.
 +==== Manual Update ====
 +  - Download the latest plugin'​s version from Oxwall Store;
 +  - Unpack plugin'​s archive;
 +  - Upload unpacked plugin'​s folder into //​ow_plugins///​ directory (overwrite existing old plugin);
 +  - Login to Admin Panel and click "​Update PLugin DB" button;
 +===== Theme update =====
 +Currently, theme can be updated **manually only**. To update theme, follow these steps:
 +  - Besure that constant **DEV_MODE** is disabled in //​ow_includes/​config.php//​ file;
 +  - Download your current theme from our store;
 +  - Upload this theme to your site to ow_themes folder (overwrite existing theme);
 +  - After uploading was complete, enable **DEV_MODE** in //​ow_includes/​config.php//​ file;
 +  - Press F5 on any page of your site and disable **DEV_MODE** ​
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