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Q: How to upgrade/add plugins and themes without using main cPanel username and password??

Every time you update/add plugins and themes Oxwall asks you to enter FTP attributes: host name, control panel username and password. In case you don't want to give out this information you can set separate FTP accounts with access to only needed data on you server.

Requirements: access to your control panel, access to admin panel.

Important!!!: Make sure that your FTP domain (ftp.yourdomain.com) is valid. OR use localhost instead

If Oxwall is installed under your main domain name:

1. Log in to your control panel>FTP Accounts.

2. Create new FTP account.

Make sure the directory option in the ftp form shows public_html (the default value will show as public_html/{$login_name}. Remove the name ( highlighted in red on screen shot) so that it is just public_html.

3. Done. Next time when Oxwall asks you for FTP attributes use created FTP account attributes:

If Oxwall is located under sub/addon domain name or subfolder:

1. Log in to your control panel>FTP Accounts.

2. Create new FTP account.

The name will default to be your main domain so you can name it something like [email protected]_main_domain.com Make sure to change directory option in ftp form (the default value will shot /public_html/{$login_name}) to /public_html/your_sub_or_addon_dir_name

Do not remove or change any slashes at all, just change the location from the default to your sub or add on domain. (if there is a trailing slash in the default then leave it)

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